case study

How Amelia Virtual Care managed to adapt to HIPAA in order to work with its US clients thanks to Borneo.

Company info

Amelia is a virtual reality platform used by professionals who carry out evaluations and interventions in mental health.

The challenge

At Amelia Virtual Care, they needed to be able to process sensitive data globally, focusing on the US, where the health professionals and psychology clinics they work with demanded they were compliant with the US data protection regulations, HIPAA.

The solution

We created the necessary records and templates for HIPAA compliance. Thanks to the Borneo platform, they will always be accessible along with the rest of the documentation required by the regulations.

The results

They have managed to provide their US customers with the level of security they demanded.

More customers due to being able to open their market to the US, knowing that they meet all the requirements.

Saving time, by having the help of an expert team that has made it easier for them to adapt to the regulations.

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