case study

Driving Compliance Success - A deep look into Borneo's DPO Services

Company info

With over 8,000 clients worldwide, Factorial is one of the leading HR software for SMEs. They provide intuitive HR solutions that automate and centralize administrative tasks to provide insights and help your business run smoothly.

They offer HR solutions such as time management, talent management, recruitment, expenses, analytics, and document management, just to name a few.

The challenge

Factorial is experiencing continuous growth and expansion, which means they need to automate their privacy processes and easy access to a privacy expert in order to maintain their clients’ trust and stay up to date with all the latest legislations and regulations. Their product is also developing constantly, which results in a need to ensure all the new features and providers will be compliant before being officially released/advertised.

The solution

Borneo covers an array of services as Factorial’s DPO: from pre-audit to policy writing.

Using Borneo’s platform, Factorial can easily manage its providers, conduct risk assessments, and have an overview of their compliance and data protection efforts.

The results

Increased clients’ trust

They can prove compliance to their clients and give them peace of mind when it comes to the protection of their data.

Time saving

They can scale faster due to automating privacy tasks and getting expert, up-to-date information about the latest legislations and regulations.

Reduced time to acquire new clients and to expand

Doing constant risk assessments and staying up to date with compliance makes it easier to adapt Factorial to different locations.

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