What our customers have to say about us

Data-first business models need data-first security and privacy guardrails. The Borneo platform is so much more than traditional DLP or data discovery solution. Borneo gives you sensitive data correlation and risk remediation at petabyte scale.

As a security incident responder for 10 years and not executive leadership, I’ve managed and participated in privacy incidents from various perspectives. Rarely does one product provide confidence to both security engineers and senior management. Borneo solves the data visibility and proactive privacy management problem for both for the practitioner and leadership, allowing for confident security-informed decision making, visibility and proactive remediation across enterprise.

Governments around the world are enacting ever more punitive and complex rules around personal data. In 2020 alone, the EU authorities issued 158.5 million euros in fines and the size of those fines are only expected to increase. Borneo is invaluable to manage and mitigate your personal data risk and prevent your company from becoming a cautionary story.

The right way to protect your exponential growing customer data footprint is to take a data-centric approach and leverage ML-powered algorithms for security and privacy correlation. Having built scalable platform at Facebook and Twitter, it is exciting to see Borneo’s ML powered. Data correlation engine, which integrates seamlessly with your existing cloud infra and SaaS without using any agents or proxies.

As a digital telco and a SaaS platform, we’re constantly dealing with the challenges of securing a large cloud data footprint and complex compliance requirements. Borneo provides us with real-time data security along with privacy data intelligence so our data teams can keep innovating without worrying about data leaks, misuse, or mishandling.

Back in 2011, we worked on anonymizing petabytes of analytics data at Facebook to comply with data privacy regulations. It was an expensive effort that required significant engineering and manual work to identify and tag PII data as well as anonymize historical data. Companies nowadays don’t have to go through that pain with a solution like Borneo that automatically detects and tags PII data as it enters into the analytics systems.

I have been building secure software and doing security consulting for decades. Every time I get called into investigating a security incident, the first questions is, “Where is your data?”. Borneo’s intelligent data mapping and global search provide instant answers to help with your investigation workflows, along with all the data and security context required to fast-track remediation.

Being the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform calls for tight security controls and the best privacy data management practices. The Borneo team has been proactive in taking our feedback to provide out-of-the-box compliance rule-sets and enforcement that can help us protect our cloud data footprint and stay compliant with evolving privacy regulations.

Having experienced the entire journey of building multiple large B2C startups with hundreds of millions of users, I can attest that a critical element of user growth and engagement is building user trust. Bonero’s innovative privacy data management platform integrates with your existing workflows and data stack to help engineers go from being reactive to proactive when protecting valuable customer data and building user trust.