Employee training

Data Protection Training for your Employees

Comply with art. 32 of GDPR

Data Protection Training for your Employees

According to Article 32 of the EU GDPR, companies are obligated to establish technical and organizational controls and measures in order to mitigate risks in data processing. The training of employees who have access to personal data is an essential control that every diligent company or organization must be able to demonstrate.

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What are we offering?

The objective of the course is:



Individual Tests & Certification
Assigned Account Manager
Technical and Legal Support


The course is aimed at companies or public organizations, regardless of sector and size, and has a favorable impact on their employees.

The course is structured into 4 fundamental modules that every employee who processes personal data must know: (1) Basic notions and definitions; (2) Rights; (3) Technical and Organizational Controls and Measures; (4) Detection and Reaction to Security Breaches.

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