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Data Privacy and Responsible AI Practices

Navigating the Changing Landscape


Throughout this Privacy Chat, Nicolette Nowak, the Associate General Counsel and Data Protection Officer at Beamery, will talk about AI Ethics & Regulations and how can you leverage AI technologies for business growth, talent acquisition, innovation, and data protection, among others.

What will the guest talk about?

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Meet the speaker

Nicolette Nowak

Associate General Counsel and Data Protection officer | Beamery

Nicolette is Associate General Counsel/DPO at Beamery, a Talent Lifecycle Management platform. She thrives on partnering with the business to help it achieve its goals and live its values, and is currently focused on all things AI and Privacy, to keep Beamery ahead of all related regulations. She leads the day-to-day operations of an incredible legal team that supports sales, HR, product, infosec, finance, and marketing, to provide practical, business-friendly advice. Before that, Nicolette worked at world-class technology companies in San Francisco and New York City.

Meet the moderator

Patrick McKinney | MODERATOR

Security and Compliance focused Product Leader at Borneo

Patrick McKinney is a well-respected thought leader in the GRC community and has a stellar track record, having led large-scale compliance and security initiatives at both pre-IPO and post-IPO stages at Salesforce, Dropbox, and most recently at Coinbase.