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How to Manage Data Visibility while growing internationally

 a HubSpot success story


This Privacy Chat will have Patrick McKinney, former IT Risk, Governance & Compliance at Coinbase, Dropbox, and Salesforce talking with Nicholas Knoop, Director, Associate General Counsel – Privacy, Security, and Risk at HubSpot, about Data Visibility while growing internationally.

This event has 25 seats, and it’s exclusively for and with privacy and compliance practitioners, so you will have the opportunity to ask your questions about privacy steps to take when growing globally and the importance of data visibility.

You can read here Nick’s article on “Making Trust a Priority: A Framework for the Ethical Use of Data”


What will the guest talk about?

Watch now this exclusive Privacy Chat

Meet the speaker

Nicholas Knoop

Director, Associate General Counsel - Privacy, Security, and Risk at HubSpot

Experienced in-house counsel with deep domain expertise in solving complex, global privacy and cybersecurity challenges and leading cross-functional teams in SaaS.

Meet the moderator

Patrick McKinney | MODERATOR

Security and Compliance focused Product Leader at Borneo

Patrick McKinney is a well-respected thought leader in the GRC community and has a stellar track record, having led large-scale compliance and security initiatives at both pre-IPO and post-IPO stages at Salesforce, Dropbox, and most recently at Coinbase.