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Protecting Payment Data and Gain Business Insights

a Head of Privacy & DPO Perspective

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In this Privacy Chat, Alex Willan, Global Head of Privacy and DPO at Teya, and Patrick McKinney, Head of Product at Borneo, will talk about how to ensure compliance with data protection regulations when handling payment data, how can organizations effectively address the most common challenges, and how to strike a balance between implementing strong privacy measures for payment data and ensuring a seamless user experience, among others.

This event has limited seats, and it’s exclusively for and with privacy and compliance practitioners, so you will have the opportunity to ask your questions about privacy and compliance.

What will the guest talk about?

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Meet the speaker

Alex Willan

Global Head of Privacy and DPO | Teya

Alex is currently serving as Global Head of Privacy and DPO at Teya, leading the organization’s data protection compliance efforts, providing legal guidance, and collaborating with various departments to ensure responsible data handling practices.

He is an experienced legal professional with extensive knowledge in data protection and data privacy. He has a proven track record of mitigating legal risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting sensitive information.

Meet the moderator

Patrick McKinney | MODERATOR

Security and Compliance focused | Product Leader at Borneo

Patrick McKinney is a well-respected thought leader in the GRC community and has a stellar track record, having led large-scale compliance and security initiatives at both pre-IPO and post-IPO stages at Salesforce, Dropbox, and most recently at Coinbase.