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The new ISO 31700 standard - Privacy by Design (PbD)

Where to start with PbD within your organization, and how to approach ISO 31700

When developing new products and services, the protection of personal data and privacy were often considered after the development cycle was completed or the offering was operational.

But this has begun to change! On the 8th of February 2023, Privacy by Design (PbD) has become an international privacy standard as ISO 31700.

In this webinar, we aim to explain in detail how you can introduce PbD in your company. We talk about the principles of PbD, we give you practical examples and success stories from other companies and we explain how you can begin the process to adopt ISO 31700 and its requirements.

What are you going to learn?

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Meet the speakers

Lisa Hofmann

Chief of Legal Operations at Borneo

Heading the team of international data protection experts at Borneo, Lisa is a legal specialist and certified Data Protection Officer with broad experience in helping companies and organizations with their privacy compliance.

Lisa is responsible for the product development of the international data protection platform having implemented and been responsible for data protection programs in various companies as an internal data protection officer for over 6 years. She is passionate about making data security easily accessible to every company through innovative technical solutions.

Charlie Maddy-Trevitt


UK Market GDPR Specialist at Borneo.
Charles has a background in a wide range of industries and sectors with international experience (US/UK/Canada/EU) in data protection, it’s this knowledge & experience that allows Charles to guide clients through the minefield of data protection regulations, and make compliance simple.